In 2014, UNESCO declared the Monferrato region’s landscape of vineyards and wineries to be a WORLD HERITAGE SITE. This officially sanctions what, at Bricco dei Guazzi and elsewhere, is simply natural – the harmonious, balanced and indissoluble bond between social fabric, architectural and historical diversity, landscape and wine making as the ancient and authentic art of vinification which has forged its characteristics.
The results can also be seen at Olivola, a municipality with just over a hundred inhabitants, set in a landscape seemingly sketched by the hand of the vine dressers who, with the vines as a brush and the hills as the canvas, have transformed these lands into a painting and a work of art.



Vine growing has been the vibrant heart of Bricco dei Guazzi right from the beginning, as confirmed by its history dating back to as early as 1400. Here, each piece of land with its particular micro-environment and personality joins with a variety of grape to create, after processing in the winery, a unique wine, expression of its places of origin.

Preserving the authenticity of the art of winemaking also means preserving and believing in native varieties, discovering and developing their potential.
Emblematic of this philosophy is the recent rediscovery of Albarossa of which, with its 5 hectares, Bricco dei Guazzi is one of the world’s largest producers.
In 1938, Dr. Dalmasso, a native of Asti and an expert in grapevines, was studying the grape varieties of Piedmont when he had the happy intuition of crossing the potent Nebbiolo di Dronero with Barbera to overcome a number of critical problems affecting the individual varieties. Among the various clones obtained, from the 1990s, the one known as Albarossa seemed to attract the most attention for its particular characteristics.
The winery’s expectations were amply confirmed when, in 2016, it won the most important awards from sector guides.
From the memories of our vineyards, another native grape liberates its essence: Barbera.
Its home is on the sun-drenched slopes to the south of the estate with their white soil, focus of particular attention from the Bricco dei Guazzi team, as is fitting for the things held most dear. Skilful processing in the winery creates wines capable of transmitting great sensations.
Not just reds, but also great whites with the unmistakeable Piedmont style.
The environment, the people and the things correspond, almost a reciprocal echo of the expressions of the wines born here, noble, genuine, elegant and impeccable.
Wines which look fondly on their humble roots and interpret the principle: never betray the past, but never settle for simply repeating it.