Villa Guazzo Candiani owes its name to the two important families to whom it belonged.
The aristocratic man of culture Stefano Guazzo received the property on 23 December, just before Christmas in 1585, when he received the Consignoria of Olivola in an enfeoffment ceremony.

Right from when he was a young man, Stefano Guazzo had perceived and comprehended how varied were the things of this beleaguered world and the benefits of developing positive and poetic ideas, and it was he who had the house built, christening it poetically the Villa del Bel Riposo (Villa of Pleasant Repose), a name we still call it affectionately today. It recalls the love of Stefano and his wife Francesca, the words they exchanged, their sighs, the joy and laughter of the two lovers in their fief of Olivola where they loved to spend long periods enjoying its beauty and peaceful tranquillity.

Their memories still linger in the small deconsecrated church of San Sebastiano beside the main building. The Villa’s park with its paths and centuries’ old trees is still a favourite place for lovers to stroll. Down the centuries, the property passed to the noble Candiani family, whose most illustrious exponent, Count Camillo, was born here.

Still with all the charm of a private home, Villa Guazzo Candiani today includes a restaurant and a number of frescoed guest rooms, the same as once occupied by the aristocratic Guazzo family and where guests can still enjoy the “Bel Riposo”.