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The indisputable prince of white-grape wines, this vine variety has ancient origins and it is widespread in all areas strongly characterized by viticulture. Always soft and perfumed, it reaches optimal intensity and concentration on the sun-kissed slopes of Bricco dei Guazzi.

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  • Grapes: Chardonnay 100%
  • Origin: Olivola, company-owned grapes
  • Terrain Type: Marly, calcareous
  • Altitude: 160 – 180 m above sea level
  • Cultivation method: Guyot
  • Vineyard density: 4.500 vines per hectare
  • Grape yield: circa 75 tons per hectare


The de-stemmed grapes are subject to soft pressing. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in steel containers maintained at controlled temperatures. Once fermentation processes have finished, the wine is left to rest in yeasts for at least four months before bottling.

The wine

Straw-yellow of mid-range intensity. It has deep perfumes; its fruity scents emerge amidst the rest. To the palate, it’s dry and full-bodied, showing optimal structure for a white wine. This wine is characterized by the persuasive softness that’s typical of Chardonnay.