La Presidenta

denominazione di origine controllata

Barbera and Merlot are refined grape varieties used to produce Azienda Monferrina’s most time-trusted wine. A full-bodied red that combines typical character with international tastes, it surprises drinkers with its stunning complexity.

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La Presidenta


  • Grapes: Barbera 60%; Merlot 40%
  • Origin: Olivola, company-owned grapes
  • Terrain Type: Marly, calcareous
  • Altitude: 200 – 260 m above sea level
  • Cultivation method: Guyot
  • Vineyard density: 4.500 vines per hectare
  • Grape yield: circa 75 tons per hectare


The grapes are harvested according to their respective ripening times and they separately undergo alcoholic fermentation in steel vats at constantly controlled temperatures. Once fermentation has been completed, the wine is ‘cut’ and placed in durmast barriques for refinement which lasts at least 24 months. After bottling, the wine undergoes another in-glass refining process that lasts 6 months.

The wine

An intense ruby-red. To the nose, it will immediately seem imposing, before giving rise to a sequence of aromas, that starts with fruity scents like marasca cherry and raspberry and ends with delicate hints of cocoa and tobacco. The palate will find this wine impetuous, full-bodied, complex and well-articulated. Its fruity flavors combine with a tannic texture that’s fine and elegant.