Piemonte DOC

Albarossa tells the story of Bricco dei Guazzi: the heart in Monferrato with an eye on Piedmont. The vine, created in 1938 by Professor Dalmasso, found its home on the hills of Monferrato and on the Bric di Olivola. Its roots lie in a terroir defined as a Cru by Veronelli. Its grapes give life to a strongly identifiable wine as the result of a virtuous balance of two grape varieties: Barbera and Nebbiolo, which are interpreted by the elegance of Bricco dei Guazzi.

first vintage 2018
100% Albarossa - a breeding between Nebbiolo and Barbera
Monferrato alessandrino – Olivola


Albarossa Piemonte DOC 2018 has obtained cinque GRAPPOLI Bibenda 2023.
Albarossa Piemonte DOC 2018 has been awarded with the silver medal by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.
Albarossa 2018 obtained the Faccino by Doctor Wine with a score of 96/100.
Albarossa 2018 is featured in the Guida Essenziale ai Vini d'Italia by Daniele Cernilli.
Albarossa 2018 was awarded the gold medal at the Berliner Wine Trophy 2022.

Mandola and Presidenta vineyard: crus registered by Luigi Veronelli, facing south. The marly, calcareous and tuffaceous soil allows deep rooting, ensuring the ripening of the grapes even in the absence of irrigation. The steep incline of the land and the winds blowing from the bottom of the valley towards the top of the hill, prevent any water stagnation. Here, the Albarossa grape expresses its color, body, and alcohol content to the fullest. Campone vineyard: north-west exposure, where white marls alternate with areas richer in iron and clay. The Albarossa of this land stand out for their elegance and finesse.


The overripe harvest of the grapes softens Nebbiolo's peculiar tannins and Barbera's acidity. The must obtained from the pressing and destemming phase is left to macerate in contact with the skins for one week, in large stainless steel tanks, at a temperature between 25 ° and 28 ° C. Frequent pumping over allows excellent color extraction and good body. After the malolactic fermentation, the wine is placed in barrique for 12 months, followed by another 12 months in 20-hectolitre barrels and a year of refinement in the bottle.

It superbly marries to the most typical dishes of the Monferrato tradition, especially if meat-based. Recommended serving temperature: 18-20 ° C.

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